Day by Day

Day by Day

If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!

The day’s portion in its day.

A clear insight into the beauty and application of this arrangement is a wonderful help in understanding how one, who feels himself utterly weak, can have the confidence and the perseverance to hold on brightly through all the years of his earthly course.

A doctor was once asked by a patient who had met with a serious accident: Doctor, how long shall I have to lie here? The answer, Only a day at a time, taught the patient a precious lesson.

The day’s portion in its day.

It was, without a doubt, with a view to this and to meet man’s weakness, the appointed change of day and night. If time had been given in the form of one long unbroken day, it would have exhausted and overwhelmed; the change of day and night continually recruits and recreates.

As a child, who easily makes himself master of a book, when each day only the lesson for the day is given him, would be utterly hopeless if the whole book were given him at once; so it would be with us, if there were no divisions in time.

Broken small and divided into fragments, we can bear them; only the care and the work of each day have to be undertaken — the day’s portion in its day. The rest of the night fits us for making a fresh start with each new morning; mistakes avoided and lessons improved.

And we only have each to day to be faithful for the one short day, and long years and a long life take care of themselves, without the sense of their length or their weight ever being a burden.

How great the value which this truth teaches us to attach to each single day! We are so easily led to look at life as a great whole, and to neglect the little today, to forget that the single days do indeed make up the whole, and that the value of each single day depends on its influence on the whole.

Day by day, every day, and all the day.

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