Follow 1 Active Signup

Read along with us here as we Follow 1 Active Signup to Your Profit Hoopla!  Or, should we say, 1 Active Signup following You!

First you must understand the concept here, the working of Your Profit Hoopla!

Your Profit Hoopla is both a commissions builder and traffic builder.  Both are good, and if you do one, the other is almost spontaneous, automatic, a certainty.

How To Commissions Builder?  How To Traffic Builder?  By promoting Your Profit Hoopla to get signups and earn referral rewards.

All of these Top Ranked Affiliate Programs include a multi-level-referral system.  In other words, you get rewarded for Your Referrals, and theirs, and theirs for many down-line levels deep.

Understanding this, and the vision of it all growing and multiplying into a a Bountiful Harvest, will give you the necessary lens required to truly see this 1 Active Signup following You!

Start – You promote Your Profit Hoopla and get signups.

1 Active Signup to Your Profit Hoopla!

Do they upgrade or not?  More important, what about you, are you pro?  This will determine what you get for their decision, their action.  Are you leading by example?  Are you doing what you want them to do?  Their decision, their action could mean 10% or 50% for you, and their action for lifetime pro could mean as much as $88.50 for you.

1 Active Signup to Your Profit Hoopla!

They begin in 1st Join with the Current #1, join and update their ID.  But what about you?  Have you joined and updated Your ID?  If not, who gets the credit, the referral reward?  And what about commissions?  Oh yes, a larger percentage of active signups will upgrade and purchase from the Current #1.  What about You?  It all could be going to Your Up-line.  Yes, this is how all referral systems work, including Your Profit Hoopla.

1 Active Signup to Your Profit Hoopla!

A large percentage of Active Signups will quickly join all the Current Top 7, many will join all Top 21, and do so rather quickly.  Your status today, in each, determines what you get in return.

1 Active Signup to Your Profit Hoopla!

We could on and on following this 1 Active Signup, but you get the picture.  It is a beautiful road to a Bountiful Harvest.  A Bountiful Harvest of Ongoing Daily Commissions and Traffic, Traffic and Commissions, Ongoing!

You do get the picture, right?


  • If not already, Profit Hoopla Pro.
  • Login to Your Profit Hoopla (simple step one to revitalizing).
  • Start Now – if only you started yesterday is your today.
  • The new Automate can be very helpful in your building.
  • And Traffic Packages may help keep your business running until.

Bountiful Blessings to You This Day!