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Healthy Roots Grow Healthy Branches

Healthy Roots Grow Healthy Branches!

There are various diseases that affect an orange tree.

One of them is root disease.

A tree may continue to bear some fruit without any appearance of trouble.

But an expert sees the beginning of a slow death.

A similar disease affects the roots in Online business.

An Online Business may start strong, bear some fruit, but a slow death is in process.

The only way to end this disease is a taking out the old roots and providing new ones.

How much of Online Business suffers from the root disease.

It is none other than the neglect of Daily Traffic Building.

A lack of daily traffic building and maintaining ongoing daily traffic.

This explains the weakness of many Online Businesses.

No wonder we fail to bring forth much harvest.

Nothing can change this except a renewed focus on Daily Traffic Building.

We must give it the place it must have, first and top priority.

If the Daily Traffic Building is well, the whole business with its duties will be too.

Healthy roots grow healthy branches!!!

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