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INVESTMENT – investing and sowing and reaping!

Most people do not understand about investing and sowing and reaping.

When you sow, you do not reap immediately.

You do not sow that seed yesterday and go out today claiming failure.

You do not dig that seed up and say it is doing nothing.


Investment first means you have to sow a seed.

That is investing!

But then you have to be patient!

You have to let it work!

A lot of people want too fast and too high a return on the investment, instead of just letting the investment work.

Our success, yours and mine, is on the seeds we sow not the harvest we reap.

Success is on the seeds we sow, not the harvest we reap.

On the seeds we sow!
On the seeds we sow!
On the seeds we sow!

And seeds being sown is all about investing.

Sow the seeds and the return will be there.


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