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Now at This Moment

Now At This Moment

If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!


The thought of living moment by moment is of such central importance.

And to all who desire to learn the art of living only a moment at a time, we want to say: The way to learn it is to exercise yourself in living in the present moment.

Each time your attention is free to occupy itself, let your first thought be to say: Now, at this moment, I do…

It has been well said that in that little word, now, lies one of the secrets. Now at this moment! Do it now! …now!

The only way to attain anything is to begin at once. Do it now. …this very moment. It is a work of a moment.

The do it now of the present moment — a little thing though it seems — is nothing less than the beginning of the ever-present now. Therefore, do it now.



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