PRODUCTIVE — advantageous beneficial constructive dynamic effective.

Being Productive!

Make a list of things to do today.

Then go to work, checking each off the list as it is accomplished, and by mid-afternoon you are done.

What a feeling of accomplishment.
What a feeling of productivity.
What a feeling of sanctification.

This feels good!


Because we are designed to be productive.

We are designed to work and produce fruit in our labors.

And in this there is a great sense of satisfaction.

So today, this weekend, do not go and make any long list.  No!

But is there something that you wanted to get done, maybe for a month or two, that just have not gotten done?

Make a list of one.

1 Thing that if you did it would give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Be encouraged!  Write it down!  Do it!  Then take that pen and cross it out as accomplished.

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