WILLING – agreeable, ready, active, eager, enthusiastic, happy, inclined, pleased, prepared, prone, responsible, consenting, forward!

I am willing to do something.

2 Questions for anyone who is struggling:

  • Can?
  • Will?

Can a person do something?  Ability?

Sometimes a person wants to do something, but they do not have the ability.

But will he or she do something?

Will?  Willing?  Willingly?

That is another question.
That has nothing to do with ability.

We do not feel bad for those who are unwilling unwillingly.

It is an attitude!

Anybody can will, can want to.
Anybody can have the desire.

Willing is a wonderful word.

It is a word of attitude.

It says I am willing to do everything I can to be successful.

We think this is step one on the journey to success.


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