WISDOM — A wonderful story about wisdom.

A production plant came to a complete halt.

A key machinery broke down.

They brought this man in.  Help us out!

How can we get this plant going again?

How can we get this machine running again?

How can we get everyone working again?

Help us out!

He did not say a word.

He just looked around, checked things out, finally took out a hammer went over to the machine and tapped on it and it started running again.

Everybody applauded.

Until the next day, he sent them a bill for a Thousand Dollars.

The manager was shocked.

What do you mean a Thousand Dollars?

I was with you, you only took a hammer and tapped on the machine.

The manager demanded, give me an itemized bill, I am not going to pay you all that.

So the next day he got an itemized bill.

Here is what the itemized bill read.

For taking hammer and tapping on machine, One Dollar.

For knowing where to tap the hammer, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Dollars.

That is wisdom, knowing where to tap.

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